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Early Career

Our Early Career program is tailored to help in the continuous career development of those entering into the workforce for the very first time, or those who are making a career switch.


Ali Drissi

“I really enjoy the talented people I work with because they help me strive to try my best. If you like to be challenged, want to work with excellent individuals and learn about an industry that is crucial to our existence, then ChemTreat is the place.”

Katie Huband

“ChemTreat’s Early Career Program has given me the opportunity to learn the water treatment industry under some of the most knowledgeable technical personnel in the business. By having the ability to get hands-on experience, this program has exposed me to real-life problem solving techniques that will become an indispensable asset as I further my career.”

If I were having a conversation and could only use a few words to motivate someone to work at ChemTreat, those words be
“do you like to have fun?”
Kelly Jones, VP of Operations


We have assembled the finest team of dedicated professionals available: technical field engineers backed by industry teams comprised of Industry Market Development Managers, Corporate Engineering Specialists, Corporate Equipment and Automation Specialists, Analytical and Environmental Affairs Specialists, and Customer Service Specialists.

With many opportunities in a variety of staff functions, ChemTreat’s lean structure truly allows our associates the flexibility and freedom to create their own career paths. Many have had the ability to begin their career in one function and develop their skill set, enabling them to advance and thrive in other functions.

Read about Ebony’s journey with ChemTreat.

Ebony Wilkins
“I’ve been with ChemTreat for 7 ½ years. I started out as a Customer Service Representative on the phones and was promoted several times to become Equipment Supervisor. I engaged my manager in a conversation about my career plans and from that conversation, I was able to work on some projects with the Talent Acquisition Manager of our HR Team. I came in early, stayed late, and worked through my lunch in order to work with her. That interaction lead me to become the Executive Administrative Assistant for our VP of HR and now I’m a Corporate Recruiter.”

Working for ChemTreat has given me the opportunity to realize a goal
in a way that probably wouldn’t have been possible somewhere else.